What is the StarPeak Toolkit (SPTK)

SPTK is a set of foundation classes allowing the easy development of web applications. It uses models to describe data and the view - which could be descibed in XML or with an API (application programming interface) - could be exported in different ways like (X)HTML+AJAX (with optimization for desktop and mobile browsers), PDF or even an desktop GUI (graphical user interface).

So a SPTK application can easily be deployed as a desktop or web application. It even allows you to run multiple applications on a web desktop - for example a CRM (customer relationship management) can stand side-by-side to a CMS (content management system) and they can even interprocess with each other. So you can allow your customers to see special content like offers or invoices after login.

Further Information about SPTK

More information will follow. If you have any further questions, mail to info@sptk.org.

Sourceforge Project started

We started a Project at Sourceforge called starpeaktoolkit.

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